The Player, referred to as MTF Unit [REDACTED] in game-over screens, is the playable Nine Tailed Fox operative in the SCP: Containment Breach Nine Tailed Fox Mod, accompanied by two fellow soldiers.

As seen in his first-person model, unlike his squad members, he wears grey fatigues and black fingerless gloves. He spawns with an FN P90, a USP Tactical, and a crowbar.


  • 1. Spotted
  • 2. Stop right there
  • 3. Searching
  • 4. Target lost
  • 5. Tesla
  • 6. SCP-173 containment box
  • 7. SCP-173 contaiment chamber
  • 8. SCP-173 inside containment
  • 9. Target terminated


  • The player is voiced by undead003 (and thus, has a Swedish accent).