SCP-173, nicknamed The Sculpture, is an SCP and enemy faced in the SCP: Containment Breach Nine Tailed Fox Mod.

It is a human-sized statue that is extremely hostile to humans, but is rendered inanimate when observed.


Like in SCP - Containment Breach, SCP-173 is extremely fast and will try to insta-kill the player with a quick neck snap. However, it is disabled when being looked at, but can move whilst the player is blinking. As long as the player is accompanied by their two Nine Tailed Fox allies, they should be safe, due to the amount of eyes trained on it. After SCP-173 is disabled via these means, the player can spawn a cage around it to imprison it. The cage is permanently bound to the player, and will follow them until reaching SCP-173's containment chamber in the Light Containment Zone.